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FuQiang (FQ) Embraces Europe's New Energy Vehicle Revolution, Contributing To Carbon Emission Reduction And Economic Growth

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The electrification race has been a long journey for European OEMs since the 2010s, but it has now turned into a sprint following the EU's recent decision to ban combustion engine vehicles by 2035. In response to the urgent need to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally, European countries have taken proactive measures by embracing electric vehicles as a key component of their sustainable transportation strategy. This shift has prompted the emergence of a robust EV industry, creating jobs and fostering innovation in various areas such as electrode manufacturing, cell assembly, cell finishing, and module and pack production.

To ensure a stable supply chain for EV batteries and reduce dependence on imports, European countries have been actively establishing battery manufacturing facilities across the region. In line with this trend, FuQiang (FQ), one of China's largest new energy vehicle battery packaging solution factories, is planning to enter the European market and establish a new factory there, in addition to its upcoming factory in Uzbekistan. By expanding its presence in Europe, FuQiang aims to contribute to the revolution of new energy vehicles in the region and support the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.


If all the planned gigafactories successfully reach the production stage, they have the potential to collectively deliver up to 460 GWh worth of battery cells by 2025 and a staggering 1,144 GWh by 2030. This capacity would be sufficient to power over 90% of the expected new vehicle sales in 2030. According to Transport & Environment's analysis, Europe would achieve a 20% market share of global cell production by 2025, positioning itself as the second-largest producer after China.

The electrification of cars in Europe not only contributes to environmental benefits but also stimulates economic growth. The growth of the EV industry has created employment opportunities and encouraged innovation, resulting in advancements in various aspects of battery production. FuQiang recognizes the potential in the European market and sees it as an opportunity to invest and build factories in alignment with the region's new energy revolution.

The impact of the new energy vehicle revolution in Europe extends beyond carbon dioxide emissions reduction. It also plays a significant role in driving rapid economic development and fostering the growth of the new energy industry. FuQiang is committed to keeping pace with this development opportunity, collaborating with Europe's new energy revolution, and actively contributing to global carbon dioxide emission reduction efforts.

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