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Application of Ceramicized Silicone Rubber for Enhanced Thermal Insulation And Fire Protection in New Energy Vehicle Battery Sealing

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Silicone rubber, known for its slow combustion, lack of dripping, and release of non-toxic gases, has become a widely used material in the field of fire and flame retardant applications. In recent years, a new fire-resistant material called ceramicized silicone rubber has gained significant attention. This innovative material retains the properties of ordinary rubber at room temperature but transforms into a dense and rigid ceramic body at high temperatures, effectively preventing flame propagation. Its unique characteristics make it particularly suitable for thermal insulation and sealing of batteries in new energy vehicles (NEVs). It provides cushioning and energy absorption between battery cell modules, end plates, and modules while ensuring high-voltage ignition prevention and thermal insulation.

Characteristics of Ceramicized Silicone Rubber:


Formation of Self-Supporting Ceramic Body in Flames:

Unlike traditional rubber materials with inorganic fillers that leave weak, non-cohesive residues when exposed to flames, ceramicized silicone rubber can undergo ceramicization at temperatures ranging from 350 to 800°C or higher. This process leads to the formation of a sintered, porous ceramic body that maintains structural integrity in high-temperature flames (650 to 1000°C) for a certain period, offering effective passive fire protection and valuable time for fire safety.

Enhanced Strength and Resistance to Thermal Shock:

Ceramicized silicone rubber sintered bodies exhibit relative hardness, producing a ceramic sound when tapped. They possess notable flexural strength and puncture resistance, surpassing that of ordinary silicone rubber. Even when subjected to high-temperature erosion and simulated firefighting processes involving water spraying, ceramicized silicone rubber sintered bodies do not crack, demonstrating excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Halogen-Free, Low Smoke, Low Toxicity, Self-Extinguishing, and Environmentally Friendly:

Ceramicized silicone rubber achieves flame retardancy and self-extinguishing effects without the need for halogen-based flame retardants. It meets the UL94V-0 flame retardancy rating and has an oxygen index of up to 38. When exposed to flames, it produces minimal smoke after a few minutes of burning, and subsequent burning does not generate smoke. Moreover, the combustion of ceramicized silicone rubber produces non-toxic substances such as carbon dioxide, water, and silicon dioxide.


Excellent Electrical Properties:

Optimized formulations of ceramicized silicone rubber exhibit exceptional electrical performance. The pre-sintered rubber has a volume resistivity of not less than 10^15 Ω•cm, which decreases as the sintering temperature increases. After burning for 30 minutes at 1000°C, the volume resistivity decreases to 10^7 Ω•cm. In comparison, ordinary silicone rubber maintains volume resistivities of not less than 10^15 and 10^7 Ω•cm before and after sintering, respectively.

Application in New Energy Vehicle Battery Sealing:

Ceramicized silicone rubber finds its primary application in the thermal insulation and sealing of batteries in new energy vehicles. It ensures electrical safety during fire incidents and provides maximum safety time for passengers. The production equipment for ceramicized silicone rubber compound mixing is the same as that for ordinary silicone rubber, making it easy to integrate into existing manufacturing processes. Its excellent extrusion and compression molding properties allow for direct extrusion and vulcanization into wires and cables using silicone rubber wire and cable equipment, without the need for additional machinery. This streamlined production process significantly reduces costs. Unlike mica tape, ceramicized silicone rubber maintains rubber elasticity at room temperature and does not become brittle or fall off when exposed to fire, successfully passing spray and vibration tests.

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