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Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., Ltd. was founded inJuly 2005 and located in Wuhu Mountain IndustryZone,Fuzhou,China. There is 28,000 square meters plant with 490 employees.We are specialized in producing rubberand foam products including extrusion,injectionmolding,curing molding,foam cutting,punching,lamination etc as well as supplying various adhesivetapes with professional OEM/ODM capacity.
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With Professional OEM / ODM Capacity

 Provide professional technical services and after-sales services. Can work with customers to provide technical support, product training, and solution consulting.
 We have a professional R&D team and expertise, ODM, OEM services, and online meetings for technical support. We can provide customers with customized solutions and applications, and work with them to develop innovative products.
 If there is a quality problem with the product after the order is completed, we will hold an online meeting with the customer to solve the design problem and use the fastest and most effective method to achieve a solution to the customer's problem.
Fuqiang Has Always Maintained To

Closely Integrate R&D With Applications

With 19 years of accumulated expertise, our company maintains strict control over processes, machinery, and molds. We meticulously monitor and document the performance of our equipment and the production status on a daily basis to ensure consistency and reliability.
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We are specialized in producing rubberand foam products including extrusion, injectionmolding,curing molding,foam cutting,punching, lamination etc.

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