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UzAutoPower: Driving Forward in Automotive Localization

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Exciting times await UzAutoPower. We recently had the pleasure of participating in an important exhibition and business conference, 

hosted by JSC Uzavtosanoat. This event was held in the Angren industrial zone and brought together over 300 companies from 

the automotive sector with the goal of advancing the industry towards greater localization.


UzAutoPower is a major player in the automotive industry. Our invitation to the gathering underscores UzAutoPower’s commitment 

to reduce import dependency through the use of local materials and components. Our strategy is based on collaboration, and we will 

make significant strides to enhance the domestic automotive supply chains by working with JSC Uzavtosanoat, as well as other partners.


This initiative represents more than a step toward self-sufficiency. It is a major leap in innovation and sustainability for the automotive

industry not only for Uzbekistan, but also for the global market. UzAutoPower, a company committed to driving forward progress

and creating partnerships that will help shape the future automotive manufacturing industry, is leading this initiative.


We are looking forward to our continued collaboration with JSC Uzavtosanoat, as well as all of our partners, in order to move towards

a localized, sustainable, and innovative automotive industry. Together, we do more than just design cars,We are designing the future.

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