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The Use of Silicone Foam in The Battery Packs of New Energy Vehicles Has Been Proven To Be An Effective Way To Improve Their Thermal And Fireproof Qualities.

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Electric vehicles (EVs), as the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, have become a major player. New Energy Vehicle batteries provide the energy they need, but also pose challenges in terms of fire safety and thermal control. Silicone foam is a great way to improve thermal management and fireproofing capabilities. Adding silicone foam to battery packs could be a creative solution. This article will explore its benefits further and provide a technical data sheet.

Thermal Management for Electric Vehicle Batteries


The thermal management of electric vehicles (EV) batteries are of paramount importance. Battery cells generate heat during the charging and discharging process. Too much heat can lead to a decrease in efficiency, rapid degrading, or even safety concerns. Battery cells must be operated within a temperature range that maximizes performance and longevity. Thermal management is the key to achieving this.

The Thermal Solution is Silicone Foam

Silicone foam, a lightweight thermal insulation material, has revolutionized the design of EV batteries. It has helped to develop EV batteries by eliminating the thermal challenges.

The silicone foam is a great thermal insulator and acts as a barrier in the battery pack to reduce heat transfer. This helps prevent hotspots, and maintain a uniform temperature distribution.

Heat Dissipation: Silicone foam is a great material to use in the design of battery packs. It helps dissipate heat and prevents overheating. Silicone foam is thermally stable and offers heat absorption, dissipation and helps to prevent overheating.


Thermal Resistance: Silicone foam's low thermal conductivity ensures that it maintains a constant temperature under all conditions.

Fire safety is just as important as thermal management in EV batteries. The silicone foam improves the fireproof properties of EV batteries in many ways.

Fire Resistant: Due to its inherent fireproof properties, silicone foam is an excellent material for suppressing and containing fires in batteries.

Reduced toxic and smoke emissions: Silicone foam emits significantly less toxic and fumes than other materials when heated. This provides additional safety for passengers in an emergency.O1CN01k2mSQE1ik9Ei1lJL8__2201502784450-0-cib

Technical Data Sheets: Why Silicone Foam

Consider some of the key technical aspects to demonstrate why silicone is a great choice.

Thermal Conductivity: Silicone Foam has a thermal conductivity of only 0.08 W/m*K, which is ideal for heat insulation.

Fire Resistance: This product's outstanding V0 rating for fireproofing attests to its outstanding properties.

Temperature Range: Silicone Foam is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -55degC to +200degC. This meets the needs of EV batteries.


The use of silicone foam in battery packs for new energy vehicles has improved their thermal and fireproof properties. The ability of the foam to provide thermal insulation and heat dissipation, as well as fire resistance, makes it a valuable addition to electric vehicles technology. It will make travel safer and more environmentally friendly.

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