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Extensive Use of PC Film in New Energy Vehicle Battery Applications

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PC film has gained significant traction in the field of new energy vehicle batteries, playing a crucial role in enhancing their performance and safety. The remarkable properties of PC film make it an excellent choice for various vital functions within the battery system.

Thermal Regulation: PC film acts as an efficient thermal insulator, maintaining optimal operating conditions for battery cells and preventing temperature fluctuations. Its high Vicat softening point and thermal stability ensure reliable insulation even in high-temperature environments, safeguarding the battery against potential thermal damage.

Fire Resistance: PC film enhances the safety of new energy vehicle batteries with its halogen-free flame retardant properties. It meets stringent flammability standards, such as the UL94 V-0 rating, effectively minimizing the risk of fire and ensuring overall battery system safety.


Mechanical Shielding: PC film provides a protective barrier against mechanical stress and external impacts, safeguarding the battery cells. Its exceptional tensile strength and flexibility enable it to withstand vibrations, shocks, and physical damage, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the battery.

Electrical Insulation: PC film possesses exceptional electrical insulation properties, making it a crucial component in new energy vehicle batteries. It prevents electrical short circuits and ensures efficient and reliable electrical performance within the battery system. The low dielectric loss factor and dielectric constant of PC film contribute to minimal energy losses and optimal electrical efficiency.

Tailored Precision: PC film can be customized according to specific customer requirements in terms of dimensions and shapes. Utilizing advanced die-cutting techniques, precision tools, and molds, PC film can be accurately cut into desired sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit within battery compartments and maximizing its functionality.

OEM Manufacturing Expertise: Our company specializes in OEM manufacturing, offering customized PC film solutions based on customer-provided drawings or samples. With a dedicated team and extensive experience in the field, we guarantee the highest quality standards, meticulous production processes, and adherence to customer specifications.

The widespread application of PC film in new energy vehicle batteries demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness in thermal regulation, fire resistance, mechanical shielding, and electrical insulation. Leveraging our expertise in OEM manufacturing and customization, we provide tailored PC film solutions that meet the unique requirements of new energy vehicle battery systems, thereby enhancing their overall performance, safety, and durability.

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