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Enhancing Safety and Performance of New Energy Battery Packaging and Thermal Protection with MPP

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With the increasing demand for new energy batteries, ensuring their safety and performance is of utmost importance. MPP provides a reliable solution for battery packaging and thermal protection. To address the issue of stress concentration-induced cracking in thin-walled battery modules, MPP is incorporated as a specialized fire-resistant filling material. By effectively filling internal gaps within the battery pack, MPP redistributes stress points caused by vibrations, reducing the risk of cracking. Additionally, the composite nature of MPP acts as a dependable barrier against flame combustion, offering superior protection even under high-temperature and direct fire exposure.

Fuqiang: Your Reliable Partner for New Energy Battery Packaging

At Fuqiang, we specialize in die-cutting and back glue for packaging and heat protection of new energy vehicle pack modules. As one of the leading providers of new energy battery packaging products in China, we bring 18 years of die-cutting experience to the table. Our mature team and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to customize products of various shapes and sizes to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, our products are designed to meet all the performance indicators you demand, ensuring the highest quality standards.

About Die Cutting:

With our expertise in die cutting, we can meet your die-cutting needs with precision and efficiency. Our experienced team and advanced equipment enable us to deliver customized products tailored to your specifications. We prioritize meeting your performance requirements, ensuring that our die-cut products perform to your expectations.

About Adhesive:

We predominantly utilize high-performance 3M tape to achieve the best product quality. However, we can also recommend other tapes suitable for your products based on your unique needs and requirements. Our professional technical team is ready to assist you in evaluating and providing the necessary technical support throughout the process.


The Role of MPP in Battery Cell Assembly:

- Thermal Insulation: MPP's low thermal conductivity provides effective heat protection, minimizing thermal stress and improving overall performance. This feature is crucial for addressing heat protection in EV batteries and ensuring safety.

- Cushioning: MPP absorbs assembly tolerances and battery expansion stress, maintaining consistent preloading force and preventing damage. When an EV is charging, the battery undergoes expansion. By utilizing MPP as a heat insulation material for the battery separator and upper and lower covers, a buffer space is created, enhancing safety performance and prolonging battery life.

- Non-absorbent Insulation: MPP remains non-absorbent, preventing water ingress and maintaining its insulating properties over time. This waterproof feature provides additional protection for the new energy vehicle battery and minimizes the potential cost of damage in case of leakage.

- Flame Retardancy: MPP's inherent flame retardant nature ensures an additional layer of safety for battery cells. In the event of a fire or internal battery fire, MPP acts as a flame retardant, maximizing escape time for users and serving as a final safeguard for passenger safety.

- Long-term Aging Resistance: MPP exhibits excellent resistance to aging, retaining its performance and properties over an extended period. This improves battery life and reduces costs, making MPP the optimal choice for your needs.


MPP offers numerous benefits for new energy battery packaging and thermal protection. Its insulation properties, lightweight design, high strength, flame retardancy, and thermal insulation capabilities make it an ideal choice for enhancing the safety and performance of battery packs. By incorporating MPP into battery cell assembly and EV battery modules, stress-related issues such as cracking, water ingress, and thermal runaway can be effectively addressed, ensuring the long-term reliability and durability of new energy storage systems.

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