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Enhancing Safety And Performance: Silicon Foam for Flame Retardant Sealing in New Energy Vehicle Batteries

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Silicon foam is a porous elastomer with low density and compressibility. It is composed of silicon-like rubber raw materials, fillers, vulcanization accelerators, foam rubber, and other ingredients. It undergoes a special process of mixing, refining, and high-pressure and high-temperature treatment. Silicon foam provides various benefits such as shockproof buffering, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, flame retardancy, and explosion-proof properties. In the automotive industry, silicon foam is primarily used in thermal insulation foam tubing for automotive air conditioning, automotive shock absorption, and foam silicone sealing gaskets for new energy vehicle batteries.

When it comes to new energy vehicle batteries, silicon foam plays a crucial role in delivering excellent heat insulation, cushioning, flame retardancy, sealing, support, and shock absorption. It effectively protects the battery from damage during thermal expansion and contraction, thus enhancing the battery's lifespan.

Moreover, silicone foam exhibits remarkable flame retardant properties, with a flame retardant grade that can reach UL94-V0. Its application in electric vehicles significantly reduces combustion-related issues. This is possible because silicon foam effectively prevents thermal runaway in the battery caused by overcharging, puncturing, collisions, and other incidents. It prevents electric sparks and arcs resulting from battery short-circuits, thereby preventing battery explosions and vehicle fires.


In the field of new energy vehicles, silicon foam offers the following advantages:

1. Anti-vibration buffering: Silicon foam is employed in various automotive applications, including insulation foam tubing for vehicle air conditioning, shock absorption, and foam silicone sealing gaskets for new energy vehicle batteries. It effectively prevents battery damage due to vibration and shock during transportation and usage.

2. Thermal insulation: Silicon foam possesses excellent thermal insulation properties. It prevents heat conduction to the battery shell and the dissipation of internal battery heat, ensuring normal operating temperatures, improved battery lifespan, and performance.

3. Flame retardancy and explosion-proofing: Silicon foam exhibits outstanding flame retardancy, with a grade of UL94-V0. This feature is particularly crucial for new energy vehicle batteries as they generate substantial heat during operation. Effective control and prevention of thermal runaway in the battery are essential to avoid explosions.

4. Sealing performance: Silicon foam offers excellent sealing performance, ensuring the battery's sealed structure and preventing moisture and gas penetration. This enhances the battery's moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.

5. Weathering performance: Silicon foam demonstrates excellent resistance to various environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures, humidity, and corrosion. It can work reliably in diverse environments.

In summary, silicon foam's main advantages in new energy vehicle battery sealing and flame retardant applications include preventing battery damage from thermal expansion and contraction, improving battery lifespan, and offering excellent flame retardance to prevent explosions and vehicle fires. Hence, silicon foam holds significant potential for widespread application in these areas.

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