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Aerogel: Empowering New Energy Vehicle Batteries with Superior Thermal Protection

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Aerogel, a lightweight solid material composed of nanoscale particles, has gained significant attention for its unique properties in various applications. In the realm of new energy vehicles, aerogel's exceptional thermal insulation capabilities make it an ideal choice for protecting and safeguarding electric vehicle battery systems. This article explores the remarkable features of aerogel and highlights its role in enhancing the safety and performance of new energy vehicle batteries.

What is Aerogel?

Aerogel is a solid material comprising interconnected nanostructures and nanoporous networks formed by the aggregation of nanocolloidal particles. It exhibits a smoke-like appearance due to its internal structure, which is characterized by highly uniform pore sizes approximately one million times smaller than a bread loaf and interconnected pores throughout the material. The particle size of the aerogel framework is also about a thousand times smaller than that of flour particles, giving it a unique structure often referred to as "frozen smoke."


Key Characteristics of Aerogel:

1. Low thermal conductivity: Aerogel possesses an extremely low thermal conductivity, making it an excellent insulating material.

2. High temperature resistance: Aerogel demonstrates exceptional resistance to high temperatures, ensuring its stability and effectiveness in extreme environments.

3. Lightweight and thin: Aerogel is lightweight and can be produced in thin forms, minimizing its impact on the overall weight and size of the battery system.

4. Hydrophobicity: Aerogel exhibits excellent water repellency, protecting the battery components from moisture-related issues.

5. Superior dimensional stability: Aerogel maintains its shape and size under varying conditions, providing long-term stability and reliability.

6. Lightweight construction: The lightweight nature of aerogel contributes to overall weight reduction, enhancing the energy efficiency of the vehicle.

7. Moderate flexibility: Aerogel displays a suitable level of flexibility, allowing it to adapt to the expansion and contraction of battery cells during charging and discharging cycles.

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