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SU7: Xiaomi's Next-Gen Electric Vehicle with Advanced Battery Technology And Aerogel Insulation

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Xiaomi recently introduced its latest electric vehicle, the SU7, which comes equipped with CATL's flagship Kirin battery pack. The battery pack incorporates ternary lithium battery cells and utilizes airgel insulation material on the sides of the battery core. Boasting a capacity of 101 kilowatt-hours, this advanced battery design offers exceptional thermal insulation and enhanced safety features. By harnessing the advantages of aerogels in battery technology, Xiaomi continues to drive forward the progress of electric transportation, promoting sustainable mobility solutions. This groundbreaking design significantly improves the battery's thermal stability, overall performance, and cycle life, providing users with an extended driving range and a reliable driving experience.

The SU7 is powered by a high-performance ternary lithium battery known for its remarkable energy density and exceptional cycle life. Compared to traditional lithium batteries, ternary lithium batteries offer higher efficiency and an extended lifespan, ensuring vehicles enjoy an extended driving range and reliable power supply.


Utilization of Aerogels:

Aerogel fillers are strategically employed in the battery design of the SU7, either on the sides of the battery cells or between adjacent cells. These fillers possess remarkable thermal insulation properties, effectively impeding heat conduction. By incorporating aerogels into the battery structure, the SU7 achieves exceptional thermal insulation, reducing the rate at which the internal battery temperature rises. This, in turn, enhances thermal stability and prolongs the battery's longevity.

Enhanced Safety and Preventing Electrolyte Leakage:

The implementation of aerogels also plays a crucial role in preventing electrolyte leakage, thereby enhancing battery safety. Aerogels effectively prevent electrolyte leakage during battery operation, reducing safety risks and ensuring the well-being of both the vehicle and its occupants.

Mitigating the Risk of Thermal Runaway:

Furthermore, the use of aerogel fillers helps minimize the risk of thermal runaway. Ternary lithium batteries are susceptible to thermal runaway in high-temperature environments, which can lead to battery overheating and safety hazards. The exceptional thermal insulation properties of aerogels effectively slow down the rate at which the internal battery temperature rises, reducing the risk of thermal runaway and enhancing battery safety performance.

FuQiang (FQ) possesses two decades of experience in automotive parts molding, with a specialization in customizing new energy products. Our aerogel products are widely adopted by leading new energy vehicle brands in China, and we have established strong partnerships in North America and Southeast Asia. FQ boasts a professional R&D team capable of providing customers with application solutions and supporting ODM and OEM requirements.

Presently, FQ is actively expanding its presence in overseas markets. We have already established a new factory in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and have plans to further expand into Southeast Asia and Europe in the next phase. If you are interested in exploring potential collaboration opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact us for further discussions and consultations.

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