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Open Cell EPDM Foam

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Structural Characteristics: The internal structure of open cell foam is open and the air holes are connected to each other. This structure makes the open cell foam has good air permeability and water absorption.

Softness: Open cell foams are usually soft and have good elasticity and cushioning properties.

Acoustic performance: Due to its open structure, open cell foam can effectively absorb sound, so it is often used in sound insulation and vibration damping materials.

Lightweight: Open cell foams are lightweight and easy to process and install.

Areas of application

Packaging: Open cell foam is often used to protect sensitive equipment and goods from impact and damage during transportation.

Construction: Used for sound insulation, thermal insulation and sealing materials.

Furniture: Widely used as filling material for sofas, mattresses and other furniture to provide comfort.

Automotive: Used for sound insulation, seat padding and interior materials in cars.

Medical: Used as support and cushioning material in medical equipment and rehabilitation supplies.

Precautions for use

Moisture-proofing: Although open cell foam has a certain degree of water absorption, moisture-proofing is required in some applications to extend service life.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Depending on the application environment, open cell foam should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure its performance and hygiene.

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