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Next-Level Safety: Uncovering The Mica Pad Enhancement in New Energy Vehicle Battery Safety Parts

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At our company, FuQiang (FQ), we are dedicated to the development of thermal runaway management components for new energy vehicles. In this article, we will discuss the safety parts specifically designed for new energy vehicle batteries, highlighting. Our technology focuses on enhancing battery thermal runaway management, insulation, durability, and sustainability. From EV batteries and modules to battery packs and complete vehicles, we offer tailored solutions to ensure product performance while providing fast and comprehensive services.


Hard Mica Composite Materials:

Our hard mica composite materials are primarily utilized in the cooling fins of battery packs for new energy vehicles. These materials offer exceptional fire protection, heat insulation, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and waterproofing capabilities. The key advantages of our hard mica composite materials, which differentiate them by 30%, are as follows:

Excellent high-temperature resistance and insulation performance, with a maintained breakdown voltage of 15kV/mm even in operating environments with temperatures ranging from 500-1000°C.

Superior mechanical properties, including high bending strength and hardness.

Stable chemical properties, exhibiting excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and aging.

Outstanding environmental performance, as they are free from toxic and harmful ingredients and do not emit toxic gases at high temperatures.

Excellent processing capabilities, enabling the production of various shapes without delamination.

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Soft Mica Composite Materials:

Our soft mica composite materials find extensive use in thermal insulation and sealing applications within new energy vehicle batteries, as well as other areas requiring insulation and high-temperature resistance. The 30% difference offered by our soft mica composites can be attributed to the following characteristics:

Exceptional high-temperature resistance and insulation properties. Our phlogopite rolls and synthetic mica rolls maintain their integrity for up to 90 minutes at temperatures of 750-850°C and 950-1000°C, respectively, under voltage environments of 600-1000V.

Stable chemical properties, ensuring resistance to acids, alkalis, and aging.

Excellent environmental performance, devoid of toxic or harmful components and free from the emission of toxic gases at high temperatures.

Superior mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and flexibility.

Aesthetically pleasing appearance with smooth and neat surfaces, allowing for easy customization based on customer requirements.


These are the primary mica-based products offered by our company. With our advanced molding equipment and skilled technical team, we can manufacture customized mica gaskets and components for various applications. We believe that our mica boards provide the ideal solution for thermal insulation and protection in new energy vehicle batteries, showcasing a 30% difference in terms of performance and reliability.

If you are interested in learning more about our products or have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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