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Lightweight And Fire-Resistant MPP Foam for Superior EV Battery Protection

Microcellular Polypropylene Foam,MPP foam For ev battery
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Lightweight and Durable MPP Foam for Battery Fire Protection in EVs

Product Overview:Our Lightweight and Durable MPP Foam (Modified Polypropylene Foam) is engineered for use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, providing excellent thermal management, fire protection, and impact resistance. This innovative material enhances battery safety and efficiency while contributing to overall vehicle weight reduction.


Key Features:

  • Lightweight: Reduces overall vehicle weight, improving efficiency and performance.

  • Thermal Insulation: Maintains optimal battery temperature, preventing overheating.

    Fire Retardant: Inherent fire-resistant properties enhance battery safety.

  • Mechanical Strength: Protects battery cells from impacts and vibrations.

  • Chemical Resistance: Ensures long-term stability and performance.


  • Thermal Management: Helps manage temperature within the battery pack, improving efficiency.

  • Impact Protection: Provides mechanical protection to battery cells during vehicle operation.

  • Fire Protection: Prevents the spread of fire in case of a thermal runaway.



  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces the risk of thermal runaway and fire incidents.

  • Improved Efficiency: Maintains optimal battery temperatures, improving performance.

  • Weight Reduction: Contributes to overall vehicle weight reduction, enhancing driving range.

Technical Specifications:

Property Name Description Unit MPP25 Test Standard
Color CMYK 0~20 (White) / PANTONE-国际色卡 /
Density Initial thickness by Mitutoyo 547-301 thickness gauge; calculated by weight and volume kg/m⊃3; 36±5 /
Water Absorption Water absorption rate % ≤0.01 ISO 62
Thermal Conductivity Measured by Hot Disk TPS 2500 S W/(m·K) 0.035-0.045 ISO 22007-2
Flammability Vertical burning test / UL 94 V-0 ASTM D3801
Tensile Strength Maximum stress MPa ≥1.2 ISO 527-2
Elongation at Break Maximum elongation % ≥15 ISO 527-2
Compression Set Deformation under compression % ≤10 ISO 1856
Operating Temperature Range Usable temperature range °C -40 to 80 /
Chemical Resistance Resistance to various chemicals / Good /

Customer Reviews:

  • "MPP foam has significantly improved the safety and efficiency of our EV batteries. Highly recommend!"

  • "An excellent solution for thermal management and fire protection in our battery packs."

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