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How EPDM Battery Seals Ensure the Reliability of New Energy Vehicle Batteries

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As the demand for new energy vehicles continues to rise, the importance of reliable battery components cannot be overstated. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) has emerged as an excellent choice for manufacturing battery seals due to its exceptional properties and proven reliability. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using EPDM for producing battery seals, backed by experimental data, to ensure the optimal performance of new energy vehicle batteries.

1. Temperature Resistance:

  EPDM seals exhibit remarkable temperature stability, maintaining consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures. They have been tested and proven to operate flawlessly for extended periods, withstanding temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +110°C. This ensures reliable sealing performance, even in extreme temperature conditions that new energy vehicles may encounter. Furthermore, EPDM seals can endure intermittent exposure to temperatures up to +125°C without any detrimental effects.

2. Excellent Insulation Properties:

  EPDM boasts excellent electrical insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for battery seals. By effectively isolating the current between battery modules, EPDM seals prevent issues such as current leakage and short circuits. This is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of new energy vehicle battery systems.

3. Vacuum Water Absorption:

  EPDM seals demonstrate exceptional resistance to water absorption under vacuum conditions. With a vacuum water absorption rate of approximately 3.3%, these seals maintain their integrity even in high-humidity environments or when exposed to water. This feature provides reliable protection against moisture ingress, safeguarding the battery components.


4. Accelerated Aging:

  To assess the durability of EPDM seals, accelerated aging tests were conducted under challenging conditions. The seals were subjected to a temperature of 70°C for seven days. The dimensional changes observed during this test ranged from 2% to 5%, indicating the robustness of EPDM seals even under harsh aging conditions. Moreover, the compression resistance varied between 3% and 30%, further highlighting the durability of EPDM seals.

5. Dimensional Stability:

  EPDM seals exhibit exceptional dimensional stability, as demonstrated by minimal dimensional changes when subjected to elevated temperatures. After exposure to 80°C for three hours, the dimensional variations ranged from 1% to 5%. This exceptional dimensional stability ensures that EPDM seals maintain their shape and performance, even under demanding thermal conditions.

6. Elongation Capability:

  EPDM seals offer impressive elongation capabilities, with ultimate elongation and break elongation values ranging from 136% to 150%. This high level of flexibility enables the seals to withstand deformation and elongation without compromising their sealing effectiveness, ensuring long-term performance reliability.

7. Tensile Strength:

  EPDM seals exhibit excellent tensile strength, with values reaching 475 kPa / 67.9 psi. This robust strength allows the seals to withstand mechanical stress and maintain their sealing integrity in demanding battery applications, contributing to the overall durability of the battery system.

8. Tear Resistance:

  EPDM seals demonstrate exceptional tear resistance, with a tear strength of 1.4 kN/m / 8.1 Lbf/in. This property enables the seals to withstand tearing forces, ensuring extended service life and long-lasting performance in battery sealing applications.


9. Ozone Resistance:

  EPDM seals undergo rigorous ozone resistance testing, simulating exposure to ozone-rich environments. Results indicate that the seals surpass 336 hours of exposure without any signs of cracking or deterioration. This remarkable ozone resistance ensures the reliability and longevity of EPDM seals in environments prone to ozone exposure.

10. Recyclability:

  EPDM is a recyclable material, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. EPDM seals offer the advantage of being reusable, contributing to waste reduction and promoting a circular economy.


EPDM seals have proven to be an excellent choice for battery sealing applications in new energy vehicles, providing reliable and long-lasting performance. With their exceptional properties such as temperature resistance, insulation capabilities, dimensional stability, elongation capability, tear resistance, tensile strength, ozone resistance, and recyclability, EPDM seals ensure the integrity of new energy vehicle batteries and contribute to their optimal functionality. Choose EPDM seals for your battery manufacturing needs and experience the benefits of a superior sealing solution.

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