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Fuqiang Entity Set Up The Model of Chinese National Enterprise

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Fuqiang Entity: Driving Excellence in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Established in 2005, FuQiang Entity has grown into a formidable enterprise in the automotive industry, specializing in manufacturing a wide range of automotive components. With its headquarters in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the company boasts a workforce of 500 dedicated professionals. FuQiang Entity has carved out a niche for itself in the production of automotive rubber molded and rubber extrusion components, foam die-cutting, TPE extrusion, sound insulation cotton, and copper cable products. Moreover, it has earned the distinction of being an authorized distributor of Nitto Denko products, underscoring its commitment to quality and innovation.eeds of different customers.


FuQiang Entity's strategic objectives are clear and ambitious. The company aims to become a leading manufacturer of excellent sealing products for glass and sunroofs, a leader in the manufacture of automotive interior and exterior sealing products, and an outstanding supplier of copper flexible cable. These goals reflect FuQiang Entity's commitment to excellence and its determination to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

The company's infrastructure is impressive, comprising eight factories, one trading company, and a research and development center. This expansive setup underscores FuQiang Entity's commitment to innovation and its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of customer needs. Since its inception, the company has embarked on a path of continuous growth and expansion:


- In 2005, the Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., Ltd. was established, marking the beginning of its journey.

- 2006 saw the introduction of automatic die-cutting production equipment, enhancing its manufacturing capabilities.

- 2010 was a significant year, with the acquisition of Fuzhou Aosuo Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., which was subsequently renamed Fuzhou Fuqi Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

- The establishment of Chongqing Fuxinqiang Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Xinqiang Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. followed, expanding its geographical footprint.

- By 2015, FuQiang Entity became a distributor of Saint Gobain for high-functional plastics and continued its expansion by acquiring Chongqing Xinlijia Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016, renaming it to Chongqing Xinqiang Technology Co., Ltd.

- Further expansion included the establishment of Foshan Fuqiang New Materials Co., Ltd. in 2017 and becoming a distributor of Nitto. The introduction of TPE production lines and sunroof sealing strip production lines in Tianjin Xinqiang and Fuzhou Fuqiang, respectively, marked its technological advancement.

- The foundation of Fuqiang Technology Center in 2019, establishment of Fuzhou Dongxing Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2020, and Fuqiang New Material (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. in 2021, demonstrate its relentless pursuit of growth and innovation.

- The latest milestone in 2023 was the establishment of a new operation in Uzbekistan, further extending its global reach.

FuQiang Entity's strategic expansion and diversification into various automotive component manufacturing and distribution, coupled with its commitment to research and development, underscore its role as a powerhouse in the automotive industry. Through its comprehensive and forward-looking approach, FuQiang Entity is not just achieving its strategic objectives but is also setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation in the automotive sector.

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