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EPDM Close Cell Foam for Cushioning And Sound Absorption

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EPDM Closed Cell Foam Products for Durable Insulation and Impact Resistance

Product Description:

Discover the exceptional insulation and impact resistance of our EPDM closed cell foam products. Engineered with a closed cell structure, these foam products provide superior thermal insulation, moisture resistance, and durability for a wide range of applications. From HVAC systems to automotive components, our EPDM closed cell foam offers reliable performance and long-lasting protection in demanding environments.


EPDM Closed Cell Foam Sheets:

Our EPDM closed cell foam sheets are designed to deliver optimal insulation and impact resistance. With their closed cell structure, these sheets create a barrier against heat, cold, and sound, making them ideal for applications where temperature control and noise reduction are critical. The high-density EPDM material ensures excellent compression strength and dimensional stability, providing reliable performance even under heavy loads or constant vibrations.

EPDM Closed Cell Foam Tape:

Experience reliable sealing and cushioning with our EPDM closed cell foam tape. This tape is specifically engineered to provide a tight seal against air, water, dust, and noise. The closed cell structure offers excellent resistance to moisture absorption, ensuring long-term effectiveness in humid or wet conditions. The adhesive backing ensures easy installation and secure bonding to various surfaces, making it an ideal choice for sealing joints, gaps, and seams in construction, automotive, and industrial applications.


Key Features:

Superior thermal insulation and moisture resistance

Excellent impact resistance and durability

Effective temperature and sound control

High-density closed cell structure for compression strength

Moisture-resistant adhesive for secure bonding

Versatile applications in HVAC, automotive, and construction industries

Benefits of EPDM Closed Cell Foam:

Energy Efficiency: The excellent thermal insulation properties of EPDM closed cell foam help to maintain stable temperatures, reducing energy consumption and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings and HVAC systems.

Moisture Resistance: The closed cell structure of EPDM foam prevents moisture absorption, making it resistant to mold, mildew, and decay. This makes it suitable for applications where moisture resistance is crucial, such as marine or outdoor environments.


Impact Resistance: The high-density composition of EPDM closed cell foam provides exceptional impact resistance, making it suitable for applications where protection against impacts or vibrations is necessary, such as automotive interiors or equipment packaging.

Easy Installation: Our EPDM closed cell foam products are available in various forms, including sheets and tape, enabling easy installation and customization to fit specific project requirements.


Enhance your insulation and protection solutions with our premium EPDM closed cell foam products. From closed cell foam sheets for thermal insulation to closed cell foam tape for reliable sealing, we offer a comprehensive range of products that deliver superior performance and durability. Choose EPDM closed cell foam for its excellent insulation properties, impact resistance, and versatility in various industries and applications. Trust in our quality and reliability for your insulation and impact protection needs.

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