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Custom Wiring Harness Car Wire Harness And All Kinds Of Wiring Harness

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Custom Wiring Harness Car Wire Harness and All Kinds Of Wiring Harness

Our custom wiring harnesses are the backbone of complex electrical systems across a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. Engineered for precision and reliability, our harnesses provide a seamless and secure way to connect various components, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. As a leading manufacturer with robust capabilities and a commitment to excellence, we offer tailored solutions that meet and exceed the specific demands of our clients.

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1. Customizable Design:** Every wiring harness we produce is designed to meet the unique specifications and requirements of our clients. From simple designs for consumer electronics to complex configurations for automotive and aerospace applications, our team ensures that each harness is precisely engineered for its intended application.

2. Quality Materials:** We source high-quality, durable materials for our wiring harnesses, including premium-grade wires, connectors, and sheathing. This ensures not only the longevity and reliability of our harnesses but also their compliance with industry standards and certifications.

3. Advanced Manufacturing:** Leveraged by our IATF16949 and ISO90001 certifications, our manufacturing process incorporates cutting-edge technology and strict quality control measures. This results in wiring harnesses that are both high-performing and durable, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and demanding environments.

4. Rapid Customization Cycle:** Thanks to our extensive inventory of raw materials and our streamlined production processes, we offer one of the shortest customization cycles in the industry. This enables us to deliver custom wiring harness solutions quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and accelerating project timelines.

5. Comprehensive Support:** From initial design consultation to post-production support, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive service throughout the lifecycle of your product. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the wiring harness meets their needs and expectations.

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Product Name

Auto Harness


Industrial, Automation, Medical, Automotive, Consumer Electronics etc.

Cable Materails

Wire harness can be CSA, CE, VDE, SAA, CB etc and pure copper

R&D Ability

Customized wiring according to your samples or drawings.

Cable Color & Length

According to customers' requirements

Design Ability

We can supply samples, OEM & ODM are welcome.


Samples confirmed first before mass production

Engineering service

Support development and early design, analyze 2D or 3D drawings

Final assembly

Bolting, Taping, Shrinking, Extrusion, Stress Relief Molding, Internal and External Molding


UL, CSA, VDE, CE, RoHS, ISO9001.Depending on the customer's needs


Professional breakover and pulling force test before goods sent out

Lead time

Normally 3-4 weeks

Key Features

1. Tailored Configurations:** Customized to fit specific applications, ensuring compatibility and performance.

2. Robust Construction:** Made with high-quality materials for durability and resistance to wear and tear.

3. Precision Engineering:** Designed with precision for seamless integration and optimal functionality.

4. Efficient Production:** Rapid turnaround times with a focus on quality and adherence to deadlines.

5. Compliance and Certification:** Products meet IATF16949 and ISO9001 standards, ensuring global compliance.


1. Can we design an individual project that we can tailor to our needs?

A1: Fuqiang is a trusted OEM/ODM wire harness and cable assembly provider. We have a wide range of products in stock and well-organized supplier chain, we can help with your customized project.

2. If we don't have an illustration or sample, but just an image, what details do you require?

A2: You should provide us with the model of connector and cable UL numbers with AWG, as well as the length of the cable and the method of connecting each wire to the connector.

3. What details do you to provide if we wish to make a custom wire harness cable assembly?

A3: Send us your sample or drawing to us.

4. What is the MOQ? What is your estimated delivery time?

A4: Depending on the type of material you choose some may require a higher minimum order to access. Once the material is ready, samples will be ready within 3-5 days.

5. How can we ensure your products' quality?

A5: All products is RoHs compliant, Reach atandard, 100 100% test before delivery.

6. What's the post-sale service?

A6: We provide technical assistance for you, and can help you to improve your drawing or design and also help resolve your client's issue.

7. Why should you choose us?

a. We focus on the latest solutions and utilizing the latest technology allow us to provide you with high-quality products with efficient and effective production.

b. Our experienced staff can fully understand your requirements and will complete the custom made project idea.

c. We can coordinate local resources in China provide you with a cost-effective solutions, you can name it and we will make it!

d. Integrity, in our view, is the primary value we can bring to each project and we deliver it with the utmost dedication.


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