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Ceramic Silicone Rubber: Unparalleled Safety and Thermal Protection for New Energy Vehicles

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In the ever-evolving world of new energy vehicles, the safety and thermal protection of battery packs are paramount. Introducing our groundbreaking ceramic silicone rubber, a material that sets a new standard in safeguarding fire-sensitive components and structures. Designed to offer unparalleled protection, this ultra-high-strength and fire-resistant material addresses safety concerns and design challenges in electric vehicles, rail trains, and industrial machinery.

Features and Advantages:

Exceptional Mechanical Strength: Our ceramic silicone rubber combines special refractory silicone rubber with high-strength fire-resistant fabric, resulting in remarkable mechanical strength that ensures robust protection for critical battery pack components.

Structural Integrity and Electrical Insulation: Even in high temperatures or when exposed to flames, our ceramic silicone rubber maintains excellent structural integrity and electrical insulation properties, providing reliable protection for battery cells and other sensitive components.

Minimal Smoke, Flame, and Toxicity: During combustion, our material exhibits minimal smoke, flame, and toxicity, which creates a safer environment in the event of a fire and reduces potential hazards for passengers and operators.

Flexibility and Thinness: Our ceramic silicone rubber can be processed into ultra-thin thicknesses, offering exceptional flexibility for easy integration into various battery pack designs and ensuring a seamless fit.


Typical Applications:

Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Structures: Our ceramic silicone rubber acts as an exceptionally effective fire barrier, preventing the spread of flames and heat within the battery pack. This enhances the safety of electric vehicles and reduces the risk of thermal runaway.

Fire-Resistant Covers for Cargo in Aerospace Applications: With its outstanding fire resistance properties, our material is an ideal choice for protecting sensitive cargo in aerospace applications. It ensures the safety and integrity of goods during transportation.

Protective Layer for Railway Vehicle Braking Systems: Our ceramic silicone rubber provides reliable thermal and fire protection, safeguarding the braking systems in railway vehicles and ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

Fire Barriers for Passenger Compartments in Railway Cars: Serving as a robust fire barrier, our material enhances passenger safety by containing fires within railway car compartments.

Technical Specifications:

- Physical:

- Density: Our ceramic silicone rubber exhibits a density ranging from 1.40 to 1.50 g/cm⊃3;, providing a lightweight solution without compromising on strength and durability.

- Thickness: The material is available in thin thicknesses of 0.2-0.5 mm, allowing for easy integration into various battery pack designs and efficient space utilization.

- Structural:

- Composition: Our ceramic silicone rubber is composed of a specialized refractory silicone rubber combined with a high-strength fire-resistant fabric. This unique composition delivers exceptional mechanical strength and fire resistance.

- Tensile Strength: With a tensile strength of 60 N/10 mm (with glass fiber), our material offers reliable protection and structural integrity, even under high stress or impact conditions.

- Operating Temperature: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, our ceramic silicone rubber can operate flawlessly within a wide temperature range from -60°C to 220°C, ensuring consistent performance in demanding environments.


- Thermal:

- Thermal Runaway Protection: Our ceramic silicone rubber has undergone stringent testing, demonstrating its ability to withstand 1000°C fire impact (~360s) without experiencing powder falling or breakthrough cracking. This exceptional thermal resistance prevents the spread of flames and heat, ensuring the safety of battery packs.

- Flame Resistance: Tested to meet UL94 V0 equivalence, our material exhibits exceptional flame resistance, limiting the spread of flames and minimizing fire hazards.

- Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of our ceramic silicone rubber is measured at 0.4 W/m·K, effectively reducing heat transfer and providing efficient thermal insulation for protected components.

- Electrical:

- Dielectric Strength: Our material boasts a high dielectric strength of 25 kV/mm, ensuring effective electrical insulation and preventing electrical arcing or short circuits.

- Volume Resistivity: With a volume resistivity of 10^14 Ω·cm, our ceramic silicone rubber offers excellent electrical insulation properties, maintaining the integrity and safety of electrical systems.

- Environmental:

- Regulatory Compliance: Our ceramic silicone rubber fully complies with RoHS regulations, ensuring adherence to strict environmental standards and demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.


Elevate the safety and thermal protection of new energy vehicle battery packs with our advanced ceramic silicone rubber. Through the unique combination of specialized refractory silicone rubber and high-strength fire-resistant fabric, our material delivers outstanding mechanical strength, fire resistance, and thermal insulation properties. With comprehensive technical specifications encompassing density, thickness, composition, tensile strength, operating temperature, thermal runaway protection, flame resistance, thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, volume resistivity, and environmental compliance, our ceramic silicone rubber is the ultimate solution for ensuring the reliability and safety of battery systems in electric vehicles, rail trains, and industrial machinery. Place your trust in the performance and versatility of our ceramic silicone rubber to meet the demanding requirements of new energy vehicle applications.

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